I joined Drexel in the Fall of 2004 and I have been actively involved in various student organizations here. I was an active member of Pragathi (Indian Student Association) in 2004 and then I served on the board of the EGA (Engineering Graduate Association) as Secretary, for 2005-06, and as Vice President, for 2006-08. I am now the Treasurer of GSA (Graduate Student Association).

As the treasurer my duties involve

  1. Keeping an accurate record of all incoming and outgoing payments.
  2. Providing information on the GSA’s financial situation.
  3. Preparing a budget for the year on all estimated sources of income and expenditure and present it to the Board for approval.
  4. Providing a written statement on the GSA’s financial position and present this statement to the Board  in preparation for funding allocation.
  5. Maintaining contact on a written basis with the treasurers of daughter organizations and receive financial progress reports on their spending. Ensure that the daughter organizations comply with the rules for receiving funding.

I have enjoyed being involved in the graduate student community by actively participating in and organizing various events here at Drexel University and through the GSA I would like to forge strong and healthy relationships with the entire graduate student community, faculty and administrators. Drexel offers so many opportunities to graduate students to be involved actively in various events and be a part of the student community and I think we should make better use of the opportunities available at Drexel to create a spirit of graduate life that goes beyond our research and teaching activities. As a part of GSA, this year, I would like to continue and improve upon the activities started by the previous GSA boards and work as a team with the current board in making the life spent at Drexel a pleasant and memorable experience for all graduate students.

Recent Events organized by the GSA
  1. Dragon Fest, May 31st 2009
  2. Soccer League, April 30th 2009
  3. GSA Game Night, April 23rd 2009
  4. Spring Luau, Mar 18th 2009
  5. Jack Frost Big Boulder Ski Area, Saturday February 28th 2009..
  6. "The Power of Procrastination", Jorge Cham, the author of PhD comics was hosted by the Graduate Student Association at Drexel University on 25th February 2009. He gave his very entertaining talk on "The Power of Procrastination" followed by book signing of his three books. February 2009.
  7. New Year's Welcome Back Party, January 2009

Check out snaps from some of the events organized by the GSA this year.

  1. Soccer League, April 30th 2009 (photos)
  2. GSA Game Night, April 23rd 2009 (photos)
  3. Spring Luau, Mar 18th 2009 (photos)
  4. Jorge Cham @ Drexel University (photos)
  5. Hiking Trip organized in collaboration with Pragathi (photos)
  6. GSA Fall 2008 Welcome Back Party (photos)
  7. GSA Orientation (photos)
Here is a summary of some achievements by the current GSA board since June 2008.
  1. 100% Health Insurance awarded to all Full-Time PhD Students (TA's, RA's, GA's etc)
  2. TA Award Nomination Committee and GSA revised and implemented the nomination procedure
  3. Recycling campaign/fundraiser ready for implementation
  4. GSA given oversight/planning of Graduate Student Day in its entirety
  5. First Soccer league established at Drexel University.
  6. Outreach established with UPenn and USP graduate student associations.
  7. Streamlined GSA funding allocation procedure and rewrote the GSA constitution.
  8. The complete report is available here. Download (PDF).
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